Qualifying Broker CE Requirements

Are you a qualifying broker who’s license is up for renewal? Here’s a summary of the requirements for New Mexico qualifying brokers:

  • 3 Annual Core Courses
  • 8 Hours of Core Electives
  • 4 Hours of Ethics Electives
  • Choose from any other NMREC Approved Courses to get to 42 hours
  • QB Refresher Course (now offers 6CE)
  • Attendance at one NMREC meeting, rule hearing or disciplinary hearing

3 Annual Core Courses

How do you know it’s an annual core course? It has a year in the title, i.e. 2021 NMREC Core Course, 2022 NMREC Core Course, 2023 NMREC Core Course, etc.

The curriculum for each Annual Core Course is different every, but may contain some common elements like the legal update, case studies, rules changes, etc.

Brokers must take every iteration of the Annual Core Course, so make sure you do not skip any one of them.

View our current schedule of CE courses by clicking here.

8 Hours of Core Electives

8 hours of core elective courses are required each licensing cycle. Mesa Real Estate Institute, LLC offers core electives for residential brokers as well as property managers.

4 Hours of Ethics Electives

New Mexico real estate licensees must accumulate a total of 4 hours of ethics electives in their 3 year cycle. There is also a biennial ethics requirement for the National Association of Realtors, but we’re talking about license renewal here.

Your Choice

Choose from any other NMREC approved CE courses to earn the additional CE hours required for license renewal. You can view the list of approved courses here.

New Broker Business Course

A new licensee is required to take this course in their first year of licensing, unless they immediately go inactive, in which case they need to take it before they activate.

Upon completion of the NBBP the licensee earns 10 CE Credits.

QB Refresher Course

Qualifying brokers are required to complete the 6 hour QB refresher course. QB Refresher does not offer CE credit, so it does not count towards the 36 hours you need to renew. MESA Real Estate Institute provides the QB Refresher Course either via Zoom or as a self-paced, on demand course.

Take the QB Refresher Course on demand.

Attendance at a New Mexico Real Estate Commission Meeting

Qualifying Brokers are required to attend one commission meeting/hearing and stay for 3 hours, or until the meeting goes into executive session, or the meeting/hearing ends, which ever comes first. Attendees can earn up to 4 CE credits depending on the length of the meeting (a 1 hour meeting gives 1 CE credit, a 2 hour meeting gives 2 CE credits, etc).

View a NMREC Meeting Replay.

Tracking Your Hours

Having trouble keeping track of your CE hours? The NMREC has a resource to help you, which you can access by clicking here..