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thumb_01_60_60Sheri Rodgers

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

Mesa Real Estate Institute provides top-notch training/classes, ALWAYS.

Rich has a very in-depth knowledge of every subject he teaches and has a delivery style that keeps his class engaged and interested in the topic. He stays abreast of all new information and changes to forms, laws, rules, etc., and always stays on the side of ethics.

I’ve been at this real estate gig for a while now, and I never fail to learn new things in each class I take from Rich/Mesa. Just this week I learned a thing that saved my buyer’s bacon during a challenging transaction. I am grateful.

When I need real estate courses, I ALWAYS shop for what I need at Mesa Real Estate Institute FIRST!


thumb_02_60_60 Kimberly Kiegel

I have attended several of Rich Cederberg’s classes and highly recommend them, and him as an instructor. Rich uses his decades of experience as well as his training to bring the content to life, and he is very engaging and presents things in a humorous way which makes the classes enjoyable. With so many new real estate schools and instructors popping up these days, it’s nice to know that Rich is the real deal – give Mesa Real Estate Institute a try!


thumb_03_60_60 John Sickels

ABQ Real Estate

Anyone who has been a Realtor for more than even just a couple of years has most likely endured a continuing education class that you thought would never end and/or put you to sleep! Classes taught by Rich Cederberg at Mesa Real Estate Institute are anything but!

Not only does Rich bring years of experience as a successful Realtor to the table, he also has a teaching style that is informative, inclusive, engaging and entertaining! If Continuing Education is supposed be just that (ongoing learning) why would anyone NOT want to spend their money on actually receiving that value when taking classes?! I know! What a concept, right?

You will learn AND enjoy the classes taught by Rich Cederberg. Be a better informed, more knowledgeable Realtor! Take Rich’s classes and experience Continuing Education the “pain free” way!


thumb_01_60_60Heather Guarino

Positive: Quality

“I’ve truly enjoyed every class that I’ve participated in with Mesa Real Estate! The instructor’s make the classes very interesting, informative and fun. I always come away from a class with a lot of new knowledge and feel like it was completely worth my time!!”


thumb_02_60_60 Robb Van Pelt

Mason & Morse Ranch Company

“Rick was excellent Really enjoyed the class.”


thumb_03_60_60 Charlotte Knutson

CLK Realty

“Rich, You make your classes uplifting, informative and fun. You’re the best.”


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thumb_01_60_60 Stephanie Aragon

“Great instructor, classes are painless and interesting.”


thumb_02_60_60 Patrick Oconnell

“Rich is an awesome networker!”


thumb_03_60_60 Mitzi Zeri

Enchanted Homes Realty

“Rich does an amazing job at making interesting classes. You actually learn something in his classes.”


thumb_01_60_60 Katherine Gilmore Mosley

Vista Encantada Realtors

“Rich was an excellent instructor! His class was discussion based, well organized and full of information.”


thumb_02_60_60 Martin Cordova

Simply Real Estate

“Excellent class! Rich is knowledgeable and engaging and really involves the class.”


thumb_03_60_60 Joan Wagner

Coldwell Banker Legacy

“Class was great! Very interactive with group. Subject material was fresh and relevant to day to day practices. Rich does an excellent job of keeping it interesting.”


thumb_01_60_60 Stephanie Brown

Red Fox Realty

“Excellent Class! Learned a TON! Rich Cederberg makes class time very engaging for hands on learning!”


thumb_02_60_60 John McCormack

Albuquerque Homes Realty

“Thank you Rich for another great CE Course! All of your classes have been original, interactive and fun. So much more than the typical lecture we often encounter. I will be watching for the next opportunity. Keep up the great work!”


thumb_03_60_60 Todd Sloan

EXP Realty

“Rich is Awesome! Thank you for making the class fun and interesting. Much better format than the usual CE courses. MREI is my new go to for Continuing Ed!”


thumb_01_60_60 Mona Botter

EXP Realty

“Thanks Rich for making the class enjoyable and so interactive. Keep adding classes we can take from you, please!”


thumb_02_60_60 Roni Koinis Merbler

Enchanted Homes Realty

“Thank you Rich for stepping up to the plate to contribute excellent instruction when we really needed new instructors. Had my first class with you a couple of days ago, and was so pleased with the professionalism of this class. You are an excellent instructor, were well prepared, and showed the class you really cared about their understanding of the material you presented. I have a new favorite CE Instructor now. See you in many more classes.”