Instructor Greg Lobberegt

Mesa Real Estate Institute, LLC, is pleased to welcome instructor Greg Lobberegt to its list of real estate instructors!

Greg Lobberegt has been selling real estate in Albuquerque for 35 years (before cell phones, computers, and lockboxes). He went through his first 10 years struggling with the so called “up and down” and “good and bad” markets, barely earning enough to pay the bills, and working 24/7. His “burn-out” level was high, and he thought about getting out of the business. In 1994, Greg met a “Teacher” and “Life Coach” named Dr. Fred Grosse. Dr. Fred taught him about a “Balanced and Magnificent Life”, how to increase ones income through “Dollar Productive Activity”, working fewer hours, AND having a life! Then, in 2004 he met Larry Kendall, the creator of “Ninja Selling”. Larry was a lot like Dr. Fred, but he was also a successful Real Estate Broker who had systems teaching the proper “Mindset”, “Skillset”, and “Actions” to succeed, AND having a life! Today, Greg is a $25 million + producer, who takes 100 days off per year, travels the world, plays drums and sings in a rock-and-roll band, and has taught over 1,000 aspiring Brokers to achieve a successful Real Estate Business, AND have a “Balanced, Magnificent Life”!

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