Yes, Your Honor, I Did Disclose

Yes Your Honor I Did Disclose

What is “common law”? Who wrote it, where, when? We know what the REC Rules & Regs are – but do we know what additional obligations we have? What do REALTORS® need to disclose? It sure is a lot more than what we “actually” know! What does Standard of Care mean? How about Reasonable Care, Negligence, Negligent Misrepresentation? What about Fiduciary and Breach of Fiduciary? We may think of “Fiduciary” in terms of “OLD CAR” – but how do our courts define and describe “Fiduciary”? What does it mean (to the courts) for us to be licensed? If the contract says “as-is” – are we OK then? Let’s have a home inspection company – now are we OK?

Review six appellate court disclosure cases and watch the “common law” unfold in front of you. Exactly what have these justices said that you and I must do to stay out of trouble? Think critically as you take your seat on the NM Supreme Court!

Take your undertstanding of disclosure laws to another level! Learn how to better serve your clients and protect yourself against lawsuits.