Understanding and Using RANM Forms

Understanding and Using RANM Forms

Understanding and Using RANM Forms is an eight-hour class is designed to provide attendees with a professional working knowledge of the RANM Forms including the ones most likely to be used in the course of a residential real estate transaction. Attendees will learn the importance of using current forms and how to avoid transaction liability related to using out-dated forms.

We’ll focus on the most recent changes to the Listing and Purchase Agreements.

Eight hours is a long time to be in class, but we’ll make it interactive with plenty of discussion and there will be some activities to help you learn and to make the time go by as quickly as possible. Time permitting we’ll do some contests and games.


Forms we’ll cover include:

  • RANM Listing Agreement
  • RANM Purchase Agreement
  • Lead Based Paint Addendum
  • Seller’s Property Disclosure
  • HOA Disclosure
  • PID Disclosure
  • Property Tax Levy Disclosure
  • HOA Disclosures
  • Objection, Resolution and Waiver Notice and Agreement
  • And several more

This course meets the New Mexico Real Estate Commission’s requirement for an 8-hour forms course for those associate brokers who seek to upgrade their licenses to qualifying broker status.

Students who are not concerned with upgrading their licenses may opt to sign up for either the morning portion of the class (Anatomy of a Listing Contract) and/or the afternoon portion (Anatomy of a Purchase Contract).  If a licensee elects to sign up for both portions of the class, they will receive two certificates and will meet their requirement for a Core Elective.

Understanding and Using RANM forms is an elective for the GRI Designation.

To register for this class see our CE Calendar.

This class is taught by Institute Director and primary instructor Rich Cederberg.