RANM Forms Update

RANM Forms Update New Mexico Continuing Education

Need a RANM Forms Update? Earn 4 hours of CE credit while we go over all the most recent updates to the RANM forms! We’ll cover changes to the Listing and Purchase Agreements and other forms like the Objections, Resolution and Waiver Notice and Agreement, Seller’s Disclosure, and Buyer and Seller Occupancy Agreements. We’ll also cover the newest forms including the supplemental broker duties.

UPDATE: NEW FORMS are being added to the RANM forms library on APRIL 16TH! We’ll cover these too, assuming they become available as planned!!! New forms for prior inspection reports, transaction coordinators and property managers!

What’s Covered in RANM Forms Update?

  • RANM Listing and Purchase Agreements
  • The New RANM 2100 and 2101 Forms
  • ORW, Seller’s Disclosure, RANM 5120A (Septic Contingency)
  • Buyer and Seller Occupancy Agreements
  • Newer RANM Info Sheets

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This class is taught by Institute Director and primary instructor Rich Cederberg.